Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Data Protection

You may be asked to provide information of a personal nature. You are under no obligation to answer these questions but by doing so you will be taken as having given your consent for us to process and deal with the information you provide. All the personal data retrieved from our website is used exclusively for your care. We do not distribute the data to any other parties. You can be certain that your details will be dealt with in confidence in accordance with UK Data Protection legislation.

Content of The Fruit Basket Website and Exclusion of Liability

The Fruit Basket endeavors to keep the information in this website correct and up to date. However The Fruit Basket is under no obligation to do so. The Fruit Basket can at any time without prior notice make any additions or changes to this website and can likewise remove all or part of the contents of this website.

Links To and From the Websites of Third Parties

Links from this website to websites of third parties are provided for convenience only. The use of such links leads to the exit from this website and is your own responsibility. The Fruit Basket is not in a position to and nor has it checked the websites of third parties. The Fruit Basket therefore excludes any liability in respect of the contents of such websites. Liability is also excluded for all results which have been reached or achieved through the use of websites of third parties. Users access the websites of third parties in accordance with the conditions of use for those websites. The Fruit Basket website may not without The Fruit Basket’s knowledge be linked to another website. The Fruit Basket excludes all liability for the production, contents or any connection to The Fruit Basket in the websites of third parties. Electronic links to this site are prohibited without the express prior consent of The Fruit Basket.


The Fruit Basket reserves all rights. Graphics, sound, text, picture, cartoons and videos and their arrangement on The Fruit Basket’s website are protected by copyright under national laws and international treaties and by other laws. The contents of this website may not be copied, processed, amended or made accessible to third parties for commercial purposes. The Fruit Basket’s websites also contain pictures which are the copyright of third parties.

Use of This Website Outside the UK

The Fruit Basket makes no claims in respect of whether the contents of this website are suitable for use outside the UK. Certain information in this website may refer to products, software or services which are not available in certain countries. The Fruit Basket also makes no claim in respect of whether access to the contents of this website is permissible outside the UK; access is the responsibility and risk of the user. The user himself is responsible for compliance with local laws.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The website is run by The Fruit Basket and is subject to the laws of England and the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Conditions of Use

The Fruit Basket is entitled at any time to update or change the conditions set out herein. You are advised to visit this website regularly for information on the current conditions applicable from time to time.